Oshawa DIY Sunday FEB 15TH

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Oshawa, ON — January 22, 2015
Our community is full of people who make things using their talents, skills and passion. They are
expressing their creativity and saving money by growing food, sewing clothes, canning & preserving,
creating art, assembling electronics and … loving it. There is a growing group of people who
embrace self sufficiency which build their local economy. These DIYers contribute to making it a
vibrant place where they can live, work and play.
“The best way to restart the process of rebuilding skills of our community is to inspire young people
to learn new skills.” says Glenn McKnight, Coordinator, Durham DIY Showcase 2015.” This free event
is open to everyone. The ART OF THE POSSIBLE, is this year’s slogan, we are bringing together
innovators, artists, hackers, tinkers & creative thinkers, hobbyists and foodies to share their
passions and knowledge
Rebuilding traditional skills and acknowledging those who are driven by passion and creativity, are
key components for a society that is innovative, entrepreneurial and connected.
The event is being hosted by the Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC) in
partnership with UOIT.
The DIY Showcase is being held on Sunday, February 15th, 2015 at the UOIT, 2000 Simcoe St., N, in
gymnasiums 1& 2.
Building on excitement from last year, where the more than 500 people spent time with the
exhibitors asking questions about their creations, attended carpentry and electronic workshops, and
enjoyed the many demonstrations. The exhibitors willingly share their passions with attendees.
The DIY MAKER movement is a growing, innovative phenomenon around the world. This event is
supported by IEEE Canada Foundation, IEEE Toronto Section, UOIT, TD Friends of the Earth,
Accuprint and many more. “The heart and soul of the support comes from the 45 plus exhibitors
who have the desire to share their knowledge” says Glenn McKnight
Attend to:
• Meet and discuss engineering with IEEE students
• Meet Canada’s leading Drone manufacture
• Learn about:
• Electronic suppliers for Audrino and Rasperry Pi
• Butterfly Garden kits
• Metal Detecting
• local car restoration enthusiasts
• Seed Bombs
• Composting
• Art displays
• Winter Seed Planting
• About summer camps for kids
• About different clubs
• Computer clubs, woodworking, car club,
• Participate in hands on workshops (small free)
“I believe that the DIY Showcase provides a special opportunity for our community, connect and
share wisdom, ” says Joan Kerr, Event Host, Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities .
Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities is a federally incorporated not for profit
organization based in Oshawa. The Foundation has a mandate to preserve and repair the
environment and a mission to cultivate a healthy and sustainable style of life.
Event Details
Durham College Gyms 1 and 2
2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa
Free parking in Founders 2/3
For more information, please contact:
Mr. Glenn McKnight
Durham DIY Showcase 2015
905-434 6655

build a blaster weekend fun at Tap

fun and frolics this weekend  as  members at TAP modify the  toy version of the Han solo blaster to a great display version
first we strip the blaster..then resin fill the inside to give it a nice weighty feel
then we  cut and drill holes in the nozzles section for a more authentic look
then reassemble Paint and weather
and to cap it all of we build a great looking stand with laser cut and etched logo
what a cool way to spend a few hours  and walk away witha great looking blaster display
thnx to the Lozinski sci fi squad  for participating in this weekends build
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the building of the Raleigh chopper a 70’s icon

Who of us remembers the iconic  suicide bike of the 70s the cool  Raleigh chopper

well I for one certainly do  and its been a mission of mine to recreate a model  for posterity
as I am too old n too fat to ride one nowadays   (see below )
But all is not Lost as I have been prototyping a smaller more desktop loving version
her is prototype  1.00
This was made and printed by me and my friend Jean Marc … printed on a replicator 2
just too see what needed working out to make a nice model version
2014-01-14 21.02.24 2014-01-13 22.30.53-2 2014-01-14 21.03.04
But now Taplabs has  Just acquired an Objet 24 Polyjet 3d printer  and this beasty will let us print in a much high detailed and finer finish so here it is prototype  in progress chopper v_002
2015-01-14 23.14.472015-01-15 02.38.18
keep an eye out on this page as we  build and update our cool chopper