About Us

Taplabs The Studio

TAP is an idea based on collaboration a place where people can meet to share ideas and create new projects.

TAP will be the hub where new ideas, new businesses, new concepts,new products will be visualized and created within a friendly environment.

TAP The Mindpointy-finger

TAP the mind will be a think tank area. A space where ideas and plans can be discussed and formulated over a cup of Java in comfortable surroundings,with like minded people.

TAP Workshop

TAP will create a fantastic workshop, where people can go from initial designs to creating prototypes to finished realized works.
Also to make that work of art you always dreamed about.

TAP Teaching

TAP  will be able to share knowledge,helping and assisting others to create their ideas.

TAP will also have staff on hand to help users learn all that can be offered in the tap workshop.

TAP Projects

TAP and its users will collaborate to create fun and inventive projects and new business ideas. Dragons den here we come.

TAP Fairs & Competitions

TAP will have open days and competitions to stimulate friendly rivalry with users and maybe other maker-spaces and push creative boundaries.