Devices & Tools

Taplabs offers a wide (and growing) tools and devices for members to utilize in their designs and builds. The list includes:

3D printers

1 Makerbot Replicator 2 – prints  PLA  material
1 Makerbot Replicator dual – prints both  PLA /ABS
2 ORD bot Hadrons – materials PLA/ABS/PETG/Nylon
1 punchtec xl dual – materials  PLA/ABS/PETG/Nylon
1 Rigidbot single materials  PLA/ABS/PETG
1 CUBE PRO TRIO abs/pla

3D scanner

sense 3d scanner
structure scanner on ipad air
Next Engine HD scanner

Large format printer

1 HP large format 24 inch printer

Cutting/laser  Tools

1 us cutter  24 inch vinyl cutter
1 versa Laser cutter  30 watt 12×16 bed
1 diamond glass band saw and diamond glass sander/grinder

Shop Tools

30 gallon compressor and associated air tools
bench upright drill
belt sander
table saw
large mitersaw
jigsaw Bed
router and base
large selection of hand tools
small vacuum former

Craft tools

15 inch heat press and Hat heat press
Fast T jet 2 garment printer – also prints on other items cases golf balls etc etc Great for  making your own fun t-shirts and promotional items
12 inch laminator

Computers & Electronics

2 solder stations with built in heatguns
arduino kits and components
bread boards, wiring etc.
several laptops for researching