the building of the Raleigh chopper a 70’s icon

Who of us remembers the iconic  suicide bike of the 70s the cool  Raleigh chopper

well I for one certainly do  and its been a mission of mine to recreate a model  for posterity
as I am too old n too fat to ride one nowadays   (see below )
But all is not Lost as I have been prototyping a smaller more desktop loving version
her is prototype  1.00
This was made and printed by me and my friend Jean Marc … printed on a replicator 2
just too see what needed working out to make a nice model version
2014-01-14 21.02.24 2014-01-13 22.30.53-2 2014-01-14 21.03.04
But now Taplabs has  Just acquired an Objet 24 Polyjet 3d printer  and this beasty will let us print in a much high detailed and finer finish so here it is prototype  in progress chopper v_002
2015-01-14 23.14.472015-01-15 02.38.18
keep an eye out on this page as we  build and update our cool chopper

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